Why Should I Go Organic?

  Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it needs to be fed good food just like all the internal organs of your body.  Years ago I had a doctor put me on the “Stone-Age Diet”.  It was a diet where I was to eat everything as close to its original form as possible.   Of course it included lots of fresh fruits and vegetables – but when it came to cooked food I was to boil, bake and grill versus fry or cover with rich sauces.   The idea behind the diet was to help my body heal by making digestion easier. 

  The same thing applies to your skin.  If you have overly dry, extremely oily or dull lifeless skin you need to feed it with products that are easy to “digest”.  By using organic skin care products and makeup your skin is receiving essential oils, vitamins and minerals without having to work through added ingredients like artificial fragrances or colors and preservatives.

  If you are fortunate enough to have wonderful healthy skin using organic skin care  products and makeup will keep it that way.

  Either way you are a winner! 

  …more on this tomorrow.
  caring about you
  Carin g Hansen


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