Why Organic Part II

    Reading the ingredient list on organic skin care products and organic makeup can be like selecting from a menu of wonderful, mouth watering fruits, vegetables and edible flowers at your local restaurant.  When storing these products you should treat them as you would fresh produce.  Keep them in either a cool dark place or refrigerator  to extend their life.  If you notice a product has an odd smell you should discard it.  However, if it simply separates leaving oils sitting on top you can stir it up with a plastic spoon and feel completely confident using it.

    For convenience you can just keep it in the cupboard with the rest of your personal products, but be aware that if you have a product that you are not using regularly, it may spoil before you reach the bottom of the jar.

    If you experience any kind of an adverse reaction to an organic skin care product or makeup you should immediately discontinue use just like a non-organic product.  Even though a product is organic you can still experience an allergic reaction to one or more ingredients in the formula. 

    There are great certified organic lines available.  They range in cost from moderate to expensive depending how exotic the ingredients are.


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