the little things

    Belts, shoes and accessories can provide the third color when putting together new outfits.  These items also help pull different styled pieces together and maximize your natural beauty. Belts are all the rage right now and they are a wonderful way to change the look of an outfit or create a new look.  

    Every woman can wear belts.  Choose a low-slung wide belt if you have narrow or straight hips.   Low slung narrow belts work better for those who have wider or curvier hips.   If you have great waist definition wear belts of any width at your waist proudly. Do not spend much money on belts.  What is in vogue any given season may be completely out next season.   So, buy a couple in this season’s trendy styles and colors.   If they are still in vogue next season…what a bonus!

 caring about you,
Carin g Hansen


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