More choices with accessories

    You can change-up any outfit with different shoes.  Try wearing something sporty with a wedge heeled shoe.  Or wear a filmy blouse and camisole with a round-toed flat.  Add some spice to a simple outfit with a pair of strappy sandals, if appropriate.  Make the same simple outfit more sporty with earthy sandals or round-toed flats.
     Although it is always more practical to purchase shoes in neutrals there are currently many great buys on shoes of all colors, shades and tones.  Go a little wild!  Find a pair of shoes in a color you like and a style you are comfortable with.  Throw on your favorite top and walking shorts.  Then add some
jewelry or a light jacket in the same color as the shoes and you have mastered the mix…mix…mix concept!

It’s easy, inexpensive and so FUN!
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


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