Race for the Cure was held yesterday here in Denver, so today I wanted to focus on responsible ways you can participate in finding a cure for breast cancer – AND ALL CANCER!
1.   Educate yourself on what is new on the scene in terms of treatments, cost, effectiveness and be certain to look at both conventional and non-conventional FDA approved treatment options. 
2.   Decide what treatments you believe would be good to give money to.  Then find out what hospitals, cancer centers and researchers are working on or performing these treatments.
3.  Make certain the organization you are giving to is in turn giving their money to these places…OR  send money to them directly.
4.  Make certain the organization is
responsible with their money if you do not choose to send money directly.  Some organizations spend nearly every penny given on marketing, staff and overhead expenses.  If you have questions about a particular organization contact them and as to see their fiscal reports. 
5.  Remember there are other important areas to give to as it relates to cancer.  Prevention, family-based support groups, health and beauty related groups and more.

You may not have been personally touched by cancer to date – but unfortunately the statistics are not in your favor.  You or someone you love is going to be diagnosed with cancer.  Make certain you are putting your money where you feel it will do the most good for you, for those you love and for everyone!
carin for you,
Carin g Hansen


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