Beauty Products for Cancer Patients

     If you have read many of my blog posts you know that I work with women journeying through cancer regarding health and beauty issues.  Today I want to share a few of the exciting products that are available to cancer patients.

Cancer beauty products range from skin care to cosmetics to headwear to eyebrow prosthetics to image coaches who can help you with all these.
     Skin care is of utmost importance during the cancer journey.  Due to surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and other insults to your body your skin can become very dry and papery.  Using organic or natural products on your skin offers nourishment.  Chemical moisturizers may be hard for your skin to utilize in it’s compromised state.   Try such lines as Lily Organics, Arbonne, Juice Beauty and Miessence.
     Your cosmetics during treatment need to offer ease of application and the same nourishment as your skin care products.  In my e-book Beauty During the Cancer Journey I offer advise on a simple makeup regimen offering maximum results with minimum effort.  Check out Bren, Miessence, Arbonne and Senna for great products including eyebrow stencils.  Avon will begin offering a brow stencil in about two weeks that is very affordable and easy to work with.
     Hair prosthetics (wigs) are something you may choose to purchase if you lose your hair or you might choose turbans, scarves and hats.  Whichever choice you make the options are wonderful!  Find a local wigier (wig consultant) or check out such lines as Parkhurst Hats, Jodee by JC Penney and Savvy Sheitels.
     What are eyebrow prosthetics, you may be asking.  They are affordable, easy to apply false eyebrows that last several weeks depending on how you care for them.  They can be trimmed and dyed.  These are available for men and women.  What a great product!  Check out nuBrow today.
     I mentioned the information available in my e-book on cosmetics.  However, you will find information, tips and insight on each of these areas in this e-book.  I am certain you will find it extremely valuable on your cancer journey. 

     Breast cancer beauty products include everything I listed above AND more.  So, please check back Wednesday for some products specific to breast cancer and beauty.

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen



  1. Helena says:
    Let me know what you think


    1. I have only had a moment to read some of what you have written…but, I love your style, your candidness and your humor. What you have written will be of great help to many.


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