Breast Cancer Beauty Products

     The breast cancer products you may need or find helpful depends on what surgery or treatment you have.
     If you have a biopsy followed by a lumpectomy you will not need anything too specific other than great skin care products to aide in healing the affected area(s).
     Should your medical protocol include radiation you may find you need some skin care products more specific to dealing with the effects of radiation.  Ointments containing vitamins A and D, Aquaphor ointment, and lotions containing aloe vera are good options to choose if you are experiencing a great deal of skin discomfort during treatment. (excerpt from Beauty During the Cancer Journey)
     For those of you who have a single or double mastectomy you will be making decisions regarding reconstruction or prosthetics.  If your choice is to go with prosthetics there are some great products out there.  I highly recommend you check out a company named Amoena.  They offer not only great prosthetics but also confident, caring, well-trained fitters.  Additionally they offer swimwear, bras and other clothing items made specifically for mastectomy patients.  Check them out at     Jodee, a line from JC Penney has some wonderful choices also.  You can find their catalog by visiting    Click on catalogs.  Jodee is on the second page of the catalogs.  Their products are very reasonably priced.  
     I hope this has been very helpful and encouraging.  Please take a moment and leave a comment if it has been.  I would love your feedback. 
     Also, visit my website   You will find information for ALL women.
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen    


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