Win-Win Situation

     Yesterday at our church’s Thanksgiving service we were given a time to share what we are thankful for.  One woman who shared was a stage IV breast cancer survivor of nearly two years!  I had the privilege of meeting her after the service and wanted to use this blog today to tell you a little about her.
     Her name is Mary Jane and she was diagnosed with two types of breast cancer along with lymph node involvement and matastesis in her hip.  She was thrown into a very agressive chemotherapy regimen along with having a double mastectomy.  Now, she is in full remission and speaks of her cancer as a win-win situation!  How incredible is that?!
     I have equated my cancer experience with a romance.  How is it that two women who have a devastating and sometimes fatal disease are able to be thankful for what they have gone through?
     It is only because of our mutual faith in God and our salvation through Jesus that we can do this.  When we realize that everything we are and have is because of who God made us, we can begin to understand that every situation we find ourselves facing will glorify God – no matter the outcome. 
     Whether it is a broken relationship, an illness, an accident or death; to those of us who know Jesus, we can trust Him with the outcome.  Remember that Jesus was acquainted with grief and a man of sorrows.  Think of His life here on earth.  He was homeless during his adult life; he had no friends who really understood him and he was alone much of the time.  He felt the bitter sting of rejection like no other person in history.  He can be trusted because, He not only experienced human suffering, He also has the power to heal a broken heart and torn body and a hurt spirit.  He invites us to “come unto me all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest”.  Matthew 11:28
     Today, is a wonderful day to believe that God sent His son Jesus to be your saviour, if you never have.  What more could you ask to be thankful for?  You can email Mary Jane at or myself at  Either of us would love to talk with you.  
     Have a great day with Jesus by your side! 
     caring for you,
     Carin g Hansen


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