BE STILL this time of year?! 
     Yes, that’s what I am saying.  At a time when our schedules can get out of control with great activities, events and family outings…we have Christmas cards to get out and shopping to do…AND don’t forget all the things we normally do – being still is so important!
     When we are still we get things sorted out, we de-stress and we can hear God’s still small voice.  It is so easy to miss His voice in the noisy clutter. 
     Even if you only have a few minutes a day to sit alone to pray and read the Bible it can make your day.  If you are always trying to find the perfect time to be still – it simply won’t happen. 
     Being still does not neccessarily mean being passive.  It can mean taking action in the stillness through prayer and spiritual warfare.  I love the words to a song some years ago by the Imperials.  They offer such an incredible word picture.  The reverence and awe that comes when we take this stance before our God is unparalled by anything our physical world can offer.  I leave you with these words.

      Be still my soul and know that He is God – Stand quietly He is the Lord.

      caring for you,
      Carin g Hansen


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