Thoughts from the Heart

     Yesterday I attended an all day training session to become a certified speaker for the Y-me National Breast Cancer Organization.  It was a day filled with learning, sharing, fun and “a tiny test” at the end.  That is what the instructor kept calling it…but it really was not very tiny.  Anyway, I passed missing only a couple of questions – so I am now a Y-me certified speaker.  I wanted to plug you into their website this week.  It is full of great information, their mission, local and national program descriptions and much more.

    Today I would encourage you to go to and choose an article or two to read.  Body Beauty Issues? You’re not Alone is a very good article that dovetails with my book Beauty During the Cancer Journey, however, they are all good…so choose some that fit where you are at presently.  If you are a cancer patient journeying through the disease your choices will be much different than those who are caregivers, spouses or medical practitioners. 
     Also, be certain to check out their Partner Match Program.  It is the most unique program of its type offering peer counseling 24/7 to women on a cancer journey.  I cannot recommend the program highly enough.

     Check back Thursday when I will write about my personal involvement with Y-me.
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


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