Thoughts from the Heart

     Just three months after I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 1994 I was a model in a wonderful event for breast cancer awareness.  The organization is one I have written about before in my blogs called Day of Caring.  The event still is held annually here in Denver and is coming up the first weekend of May.  CURE Magazine is now the umbrella over Day of Caring so the breast cancer conference is called CURE Day of Caring.
     It was one of the wonderful volunteers from Day of Caring who first introduced me to Y-me National Breast Cancer Organization.  She wanted me to become a peer counselor for their 24-hour National Breast Cancer Hotline in addition to the Partner Match Program.   Although I did neither due to time constraints I stayed in contact with her and the organization until a couple of years ago when the Denver affiliate was closed down.  The headquarters in Chicago was still fully functional, but it really felt like I had lost a good friend.
     What a great surprise when, about six months ago, I was flipping through the Y-me newsletter and discovered there was a Denver affiliate again that was going “‘great guns “!  I was immediately in contact with the area director who suggested I be a part of the training to become a certified Y-me speaker
     Now that I am certified, I want to tell you how fortunate women who have breast cancer are to have such an incrdible organization.  Below is their mission statement.  I know you will understand why I said you are fortunate to have Y-me after you read the mission statement.

The mission of Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization is to ensure, through information, empowerment and peer support, that no one faces breast cancer alone.

    Please check out their website and check back often at

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


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