Thoughts from the Heart

   This last week was a rough one for my family and I.   With all the influenza going around many people we know have been very ill.  However, our family had evaded it till now.  On Monday we received a call from our oldest son in Chicago.  He had spent about twelve hours in the hospital and was diagnosed with sinusitis, influenza and viral meningitis!  My goodness…a triple whammy!

    Thankfully he is feeling much better – but it has brought home to me once again the importance of organic health, natural products and organic products.  Most of you know that there is nothing western medicine can do with virus’.   They can treat bacteria with antibiotics, but virus’ do not respond to antibiotics.  The doctors simply suggest you rest, drink fluids and let the body heal.

    I am convinced that if you are taking antioxidants daily, eating organic food as much as possible and using organic products on your body these viral infections will be easier for the body to get rid of.  Each of these three things should make your body stronger to fight off illness and disease by allowing it to focus on the foreign antibodies instead of having to deal with both these foreign antibodies and internal toxins. 

    Cancer is known to have a direct correlation with how strong a person’s immune system is.  This cancer fact should make every person look closely at how to strengthen and/or keep their immune systems strong.   Thursday I will address this in detail. 

…till then,
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


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