Thoughts from the Heart

     I wanted to share this interesting information from  I believe you will find it in line with what I wrote in my last blog about cancer facts and organic health and organic beauty products

     “Queensland Mum Narelle C. looks set to start a revolution – not only in the natural beauty product, skin care and cosmetic industry – but in the Certified Organic industry and the Network Marketing fraternity too! Her search for truly natural non toxic skin care and cosmetic products began almost a decade ago after finding through her own extensive research, many of the so-called “natural” and “safe” synthetic chemical ingredients were actually toxic and potentially very dangerous to the long term health of anyone who had used them continuously on their skin for many years. It is very important for Women’s Health because if you are a woman you will generally use more “products” on your skin then men and therefore you will increase your exposure to these chemicals.”

     What I want to stress here is the fact that women are potentially more susceptible to breaking down their immune systems because they use more things on their skin  than men.  This variable along with the added factor of hormone-induced cancer make women whose immune systems are compromised by toxic foods and products a prime target for cancer. 
      Please consider starting a diet containing more organic foods in addition to purchasing organic beauty products.  You are the ony one who can take control of how you treat your body – so do it for you…now!

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


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