Women of Faith

Who are women of faith at their core?  I believe they are women of integrity, first of all.

Several years ago I made the following statement by Buckminster Fuller my life motto:
“Integrity is the essence of everything successful”.

I truly believe that if we say we are a woman of faith – integrity must be placed first in all our daily interactions.  In addition to integrity, there should be caring compassion – not just superficial concern.  Today’s world does not encourage this, but we must make time and find energy to show caring compassion to those around us.  There will be times when we do not completely understand the situation.  However, when we do not understand we need to show an understanding spirit despite our inability to completely understand the given situation. 

Finally, we need to have knowledge regarding things that we talk about.  There is nothing that discredits a person any quicker than speaking without knowledge of what we speak.  I will look at this more in detail in my next blog.

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


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