Women of Faith

In our current society we often rely on what we see and hear on television, the web and radio versus checking things out for ourselves. 

If we are going to be taken seriously when offering caring compassion and understanding we must make certain that we have knowledge of what we speak or write about.  In addition, we must base that knowledge on our principles as women of faith.  That is what integrity is all about.  According to Wikepedia “the concept of integrity is directly linked to responsibility in that implementation (dispersement of knowledge) spawning from principles that are designed with a specific outcome in mind.”  That outcome is showing caring compassion.  

It is of utmost importance to speak knowledgeably to maintain your credbility as a women of faith.  I am certain each of us can remember times when the Christian community has been discredited by some act of ignorance, hate or false teaching.  Those in the world can often excuse their fellow unbelievers for improprieties, false beliefs and moral indiscretions.  That does not happen with women and men of faith.   

Know what you believe, what you desire to share and share it with all the knowledge necessary to show caring compassion.

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


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