Where Do I Go?

     There are many kinds of cancer affecting friends, family and us everyday.  For some reason, however, there is more emphasis in terms of information, discussion and “glory” (if I may use that word) put on breast cancer.  Additionally, in my contacts with women journeying through cancers other than breast that they feel a sort of prejudice exists favoring those women who have had breast cancer versus other cancers. 
     It is for that reason that I generally do not write just about breast cancer in my blogs, articles and website.  I feel this week  that I should focus in on, breast cancer support as it relates to natural skin care products and natural beauty in terms of breast cancer products and breast cancer awareness products.   I am a breast cancer survivor, therefore I am more versed in the needs of women with that particular cancer.  However, please know that a great deal of what I share regarding beauty during cancer addresses issues all women with any kind of cancer may face.   My e-book, Beauty During the Cancer Journey, covers special concerns that arise from procedures such as a colostomy, urostomy and skin conditions that are very common to all women during their cancer journey.
     Natural skin care products are a huge plus for women with breast cancer to purchase and use.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  The first is that, as with all kinds of cancer, our bodies are going through enough already as it relates to having toxins such as chemotherapy and radiation.  We can help our bodies heal better by not subjecting them to anymore chemicals than necessary.  Natural skin care products are a respite for our skin.  Secondly, because our cancer affects the breast area it is important to be protecting and moisturizing with products that will not irritate or cause adverse skin reactions.
      Aguacate & Co. offers such a line.  They are not only natural skin care products, but also certified organic.  Aguacate is Spanish for avocado.  Aguacate & Co. use avocado’s in their products because of their vitamin A, B, D and E content along with lots of potassium.  The oil in avocado’s penetrate the skin evenly offering great moisturize and  replenishment to dry, tired skin.  

      Check back on Thursday for information on another superior line of natural skin care products along with some information on breast cancer awareness products. 
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


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