Where Do I Go?

     I promised on Monday that I would talk about another great natural skin care product line in addition to breast cancer awareness products, so here goes.

     Lily Organics made in Henderson Colorado offer simple, effective natural skin care products from cleansers to toners, to moisturizers, to masks.  Additionally, they offer Moisture Mist and a great facial oil called Kukui.  These products are great for anyone journeying through cancer because of their natural, organic ingredients.   You can find a great collection of Lily Organics products we have named the Cancer Care Collection at www.bridge2beauty.net/beautyandcancer.html

     The first, and I feel the most important source for breast cancer awareness products, is information from such sites as www.y-me.org, and www.susanlovemd.com   These sites along with Dr Susan Love’s Breast Book offer comprehensive information for those journeying through cancer along with other breast cancer awareness products.

     Newspapers, CURE magazine and other articles such as some of those on my site have lots of information available on how to detect breast cancer early, self- examination techniques and where to go if you think you may have a problem.   There are water-proof cards you can put in your shower walking you through each step of a self-exam.  Please remember that the best exams are done laying down but use the cards as a reminder to check yourself regularly.  Try to do your self-exams at the same time each month.   It you are still menstrating, do your exams one week after your period ends.  If you are no longer menstrating you may do it at any time of the month but be consistent. 
     Breast cancer awareness products are readily available.  Please take advantage of what is available to you and you may save our life or the life of someone you love. 

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


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