Help Where and When it’s Needed Most

  There is a lot of medical, emotional and practical information available for women journeying through breast cancer but it seems much of this information lacks addressing the basic issue of femininity during the journey.  
   I do not care how strong of a woman you are, nor how self-confident you are in your role as a woman – when you are faced with losing one or both breasts issues relating to your femininity will crop up.  As a breast cancer survivor I remember so well that during my personal battle, I was amazed to find that although I knew in my head that my femininity had in no way changed or decreased – my heart told me something different.  It was a healthy medicine for me to do all the things a women does to feel feminine during my journey such as dressing nice, applying makeup and fixing my hair.
   I believe, with all my heart, that doing these things helps improve healing and recovery.  Breast cancer support groups and organizations, breast cancer awareness products and written material such as articles, e-books and books offer invaluable information on these issues.   Please check some of these links out today – and come back to my blog Thursday for the most powerful medicine available during the cancer journey.

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen  


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