The Most Powerful Medicine Ever

    Whether you yourself are journeying though breast cancer, another kind of cancer, a life-threatening disease or someone you love – I want to share the most powerful medicine with you.

    This medicine is offered free – yes, free!  It is a well-documented fact that having a positive attitude can help healing both emotionally and mentally, but I am here to tell you that a positive attitude cannot be mustered up sometimes no matter how much you want to.  During my breast cancer journey I found the strength and positive attitude I needed, not within myself, but from my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
     I know it is considered a crutch, old-fashioned and down-right stupid by many to believe in Jesus Christ and everything the Bible says in this time of history.   We think of ourselves as enlightened, empowered and capable of  keeping a positive attitude all in our own strength, however – that simply is not true.  What IS true is that God has offered us salvation (healing spiritually, mentally and emotionally) through Jesus Christ’s death, burial and most importantly his resurrection. 
     During this holy week please drink of this powerful medicine.   No, you may not find yourself physically healed but you will find strength to understand that a positive attitude comes from knowing you are not in control and that you do not have to “fake” feeling and thinking positively.  It is this knowledge and assurance that your faith in Christ is all you need that will create a positive attitude to travel life’s journey. 

   Cancer support via organizations, books, articles, e-booksconsultations and natural beauty products to help you through the journey are all wonderful and even necessary – but the best, most powerful medicine ever – a positive attitude can only truly come from believing that Jesus Christ is God’s son and accepting His gift of salvation. 

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


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