New blog site for

Let me welcome you to the new home for Inherent Beauty.

I am Carin Hansen, the author of and the co-author of  My co-author has had to step away from writing for a time and I felt it best to attach all the posts from Inherent Beauty to my “mother blog” Bridges to Beauty.

Formerly, this blog dealt primarily with health and beauty issues women face when journeying through cancer.  There were also many posts on image, faith and more.  (I would invite you to look at the different categories on the right side of the blog and check some of the posts out.  There is a lot of good information in them.)

Now, the majority of my writing that is dedicated to women and cancer is in my book “A Woman’s Cancer Journey Primer” and in articles that are published on  You can find these articles, and others articles on various subjects by following this link.

As I turn a page on this blog I am excited that to openly share about the inherent beauty we, as women of Faith, have.  That does not mean I won’t be blogging about fun, new fashion trends and such – but, the main thrust of Bridges to Beauty is to encourage Christian women to embrace their inward beauty, while making certain their outer beauty is not neglected.

May I invite you to join me on this adventure.  I know you will be glad you did.


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