Reflecting the Image of God

0cd792412a22ef6eae01cfc6a4e5380c84a54b10I Corinthians 15:49 And as we bore the image of the earthy man, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly Man.

A year ago, my husband and I traveled to Savannah Georgia for our 40th anniversary. We both enjoy the architecture and interior craftmenship of historic homes and Savannah definitely did not disappoint in that area. We toured several beautiful historic homes. Every home was filled with beautiful silver platters, trays and tea sets; brass-topped spindles on staircase banisters and gold-gilded mirror and picture frames dating from the mid to late 1800’s. These pieces caught the light around them as we walked from one room to the next. Imagine how different my experience would have been if these pieces had been tarnished. Not only would the light have not been reflected, the pieces would not have held the same beauty as they did brightly polished.

We are members of the human race. We bear the image of “earthy man”. As women who have believed that Jesus is the Christ, we also bear the image of the “heavenly Man” – the God-Man, Christ Jesus. Oh, we do not bear it like we will when these human bodies are thrown off and we are taken to heaven; nonetheless we have been adopted into the family of God and we bear God’s image. Each day we are given the awesome privilege of reflecting the light of God into other’s lives. What happens when we become tarnished? …and how do we become tarnished?

Think about it: a silver dish doesn’t need to have had food or liquid in it to tarnish. It is the air itself that fuels the process of tarnishing. So it is with us; we don’t have to be involved in carnal, sinful things to become “tarnished”. The “air” of the world in our daily lives is sufficient cause for becoming tarnished. If we are to reflect the light of God; know that He will at times use human circumstances as our “tarnish remover”. Just as we apply a little pressure to the silver dish using a cloth dipped in metal polish, so the Lord applies just the right amount of pressure with the exact quantity of polish necessary to restore our ability to reflect His light.

Are you in the middle of a “polish job?” Is God applying pressure through the “polish” of an uncomfortable circumstance, disease or relationship? Our gracious, merciful savior is not vindictive, but He desires our lives to be as precious metal. The situation(s) you find yourself in may be the only way you will grow, learn and once again reflect His light.

–Open your heart to what He wants to accomplish today so that you will reflect His light.


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