The “Surgeon”

scalpelWe’ve all heard the analogy of God as the Great Physician. Let’s take a little different route and explore the analogy of The Holy Spirit being a surgeon.

When we need surgery on our physical bodies, the Doctor prepares us by telling us the problem, the procedure, the possible complications and the expected outcome he’s hoping for. We then place our trust in him to perform the procedure.

Then with our modern day technology we are anesthetized and when we wake up, the surgery is over. Pain can be lessened with pain-killers and so we begin to heal. However, no matter how skillful the surgeon is we have unsightly scars that last a lifetime. Many times the outcome is not what the doctors or you had hoped for…or planned on.

Spiritually speaking, when the Holy Spirit knows we need surgery, He too tells us the problem. Sometimes through prayer and Bible study; sometimes by other people’s witness. There are many avenues He uses.

If we truly desire His best for us, we agree to “surgery”. Often the procedure is long and painful. Unlike physical surgery, we are “awake” through all of it! Oh yes, He is gracious, gentle and loving, giving us peace and comfort, but we feel His spiritual scalpel intensely.

We often cry out in the middle of it “STOP”! I can’t take this, it’s too much to bear, and being the merciful God that He is, He does our bidding, leaving us with open wounds and diseased spirits that will need more surgery later on.

BUT, if we let His skilled hand finish the work and close the wound, the healing can begin. The Holy Spirit is never unsure of the outcome. He KNOWS what we will become once we have healed. Something even more wonderful is that the scars from Spiritual surgery will always leave you more beautiful than before. There is no disfiguring, no never!



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