May I Be As It Becomes You

This may seem like an odd title, but hang with me and you will see how this double-entendre phrase is so rich and beautiful in meaning.

I have been pondering several ideas over the last couple of months regarding possessing or lacking hope, joy, peace, love. Times are difficult. In fact I believe I could argue that is it the hardest time in modern history, because our entire world seems to have gone amuck as it relates to decency, good and right. It often appears impossible to feel hopeful, possess joy or peace, and feel loving with the daily onslaught of things that attack our Christian faith.

At the foundation of hope, joy, peace and love is being satisfied with Jesus. We give lip service to him being all we need or want… but do we really mean it. Even more importantly, do we feel satisfied with him. If we are to be truly satisfied with anyone or anything only Jesus measures up. He must be our top priority or we will continue to run around like the rest of the world looking for what it cannot give us… ongoing full satisfaction.

So, how does one achieve the reality of satisfaction in Jesus? How do we “be” as it becomes, suits or flatters, our precious savior? We cannot do this in our own strength. Only through the power of the Holy Spirit coming alongside us and changing our hearts and minds through scripture, prayer and words of wisdom, truth and encouragement from others will we move toward Jesus having top priority. AND, as our top priority we find he is ALL we need no matter what is going on in our lives or our world.

I crave sugar, but I never cease to be amazed how unsatisfying eating sugary food is. I always want more immediately and never feel truly satiated. I also love color, style and fashion. But, there again, that latest outfit loses its charm quickly and I find myself eyeing another.

It is not so with Jesus. He always fills me to the brim with sweet satisfaction as I meditate on scripture, pray and ponder and have conversation with him. My deepest desire is become more like he who embraces me in hope, joy, peace and love.

Which leads to the double-entendre in the phrase I used for the title. Satisfaction in Jesus means we are becoming more like Jesus. Because being satisfied, being still, being humble and being anxious to grasp the hope, joy, peace and love only he offers to the fullest will transform us into being more like Jesus.

May I BE, the state of being [breathing or existing] as it becomes [suits or flatters] my Lord and savior and thus I will BE [breathing or existing] as it becomes [matures, develops/grows into] being more like this one I adore, worship and serve.

Another great way to explain this process is “to be set apart for holy use”. This is what sanctification is. And, this holy use is what every Christian is fully equipped and gifted to do as the process of sanctification is allowed to have it way in us.

“Lord Jesus, may I truly BE as it BECOMES YOU. AMEN.”


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