Truth Patterns Part 1

Our creator created us in such a way that what we experience physically, emotionally and spiritually WILL play out in all areas of our life.

Simply stated: Inward responses based on outward happenings always result in outward expressions that are either life enriching or life impoverishing.

…and remember… we are not islands. Outward expressions that are life impoverishing will most likely affect those we share life with as much, or more, than they do us.

So what can we do about our inward responses that result in an outward expression that impoverishes?

God has put truths in place that can be applied to every part of our lives. Combining these truths provide effective ways to facilitate a healthy and life enriching outcome from the things we experience in a lifetime.

Christian teachers, counselors and pastors have taught these Biblically- based truth patterns for many years, so you may be familiar with one or more of three of these patterns. Most likely you will find one pattern that speaks to your heart more than the others. That’s because God made us complex beings, thus it is important to have several approaches when it comes to how we deal with our “happenings”. This post is going to look at just the first of the three truth patterns I wish to share with you.

Here is the first truth pattern:
Thoughts affect Feelings affect Attitudes affect Actions

The second truth pattern is:
Hearing leads to Believing leads to Trusting

The third truth pattern is:
Relaxation allows Reflection allows Renewal allows Regeneration

I want to spend the rest of this post sharing how powerful the first truth pattern is in every area of our lives.

Thoughts affect Feelings affect Attitudes affect Actions

Life Enriching Outcome
Something happens that is very hurtful and undeserved
I justifiably feel sadness, hurt and emotional pain
I begin to pray and think about what might have caused that person to
treat me like they did – perhaps even feeling empathy as I pray
At the very least my feelings begin to move past the injury I suffered, as
my thoughts are focused on how to become stronger emotionally
because of the injury
My attitude seeks to find grace to forgive
…and thus, my actions towards this person are purposefully kind

Life Impoverishing Outcome
Something happens that is very hurtful and undeserved
I justifiably feel sadness, hurt and emotional pain
My thoughts become focused on the injury I suffered
These thoughts start to consume me and I begin to feel justified in anger
toward the person who injured me
The next time I am with this person a negative and toxic attitude is
…And that attitude pervades every part of my being until my actions
toward that person are purposely hurtful and perhaps even hateful

As followers of Jesus, We CAN change our thoughts before they spiral into destructive feelings, emotions and actions. We need to be eager to look deep within ourselves to identify the incorrect, and perhaps destructive responses we have toward your current “happenings”.

What a joy to spend time talking with Jesus to help us with the identification process.

Once we have identified responses that need to be worked on… it is imperative that we have continued conversations with Jesus paired with Bible reading, spiritual pondering and talking with other followers of Jesus about what the responses we need to work on. Life enriching expressions will begin to be more natural and normal

Would you join me in being transparent with yourself AND Jesus about what thoughts you are having about your current circumstances and/or relationships that might lead you down a life-impoverishing path rather than a life-enriching one?

Remember, in subsequent posts I will look at the other two truth patterns. If you choose to “follow” my blog you don’t miss a single post. -Blessings!


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