Beauty and Cancer

      When you are diagnosed with cancer life immediately changes.  I know that having had cancer once nearly thirteen years ago and four recurrences.    
       As women, once diagnosed, our survival mode kicks in…but shortly after treatment begins so does beauty and cancer questions mode.  In other words, although we do not feel good, we have an inner drive to  continue to look good despite the attacks on our physically appearance. 

       Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of this week I will address some of the basic issues and give you ideas and encouragement for Beauty During the Cancer Journey


Men, Cancer and Special Considerations

     Hello!  I trust your weekend is starting off well. 
     I wanted to share two things with you today as it relates to men and cancer.

     Many women do not think that it is as tramatic  for men to lose their hair during treatment because it is in “vogue” to be bald.  However, it can be just as devastating for men as for women.  In my book Beauty During the Cancer Journey I have a chapter on headwear.  You can relate everything on the topic to men and women alike.  There are also many other books and articles available besides my book.   
     Until now there have not been many viable options for brow replacement on men.  If a man’s career dictates he be in front of groups of people on a regular basis, not having eyebrows is generally a give-away that he having some type of chemotherapy even if he has chosen to purchase and wear a wig (toupee).  I have found a wonderful product called nuBrow.  These false eyebrows are easily applied with a non-toxic adhesive and are very natural looking.   They are available in medium brown and can be worn “as is” or dyed with an eyebrow/eyelash tint to match his natural hair color.  They can also be trimmed to fit the look they prefer.  With gentle care a pair of these eyebrow will last 4-6 weeks and the cost is nominal.     

     Men who have a hormone-based cancer, such as prostate or breast, should be aware that treatment may leave them sterile.   Having sperm frozen in a sperm bank can offer some security and comfort should they become sterile.  Make certain to have them check with their doctor if you think this is something they should consider doing.  Whether he is planning on having children (or more children) is not the complete issue here.  These types of cancer attack their perception of themselves as men.   Just knowing they have sperm available, should they want it, can be a tremendous boost to their masculine well-being!

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


Bling Blings

     The blings on an outfit are like frosting on a cake.  The cake may be moist, tasty and light but the frosting makes the cake irresistable. 
     Each season the top jewelry piece to wear may change but you can wear trendy jewelry in different combinations and in unusual  ways for several seasons before having to give them up.  Learn to mix, mix, mix…necklaces of different lengths and colors.  Or match bracelets, necklaces and earrings to a great belt or headband.  Vintage pieces of jewelry from your local thrift store or inexpensive costume jewelry can creat the focal point for an otherwise simple outfit.   The options are endless and the cost minimal.     
     Classic expensive jewelry and heirlooms should be kept a lifetime.   If they go out of vogue find another place to store them besides your everyday jewelry box.  Either they will come back in vogue or you can eventually  pass them along to children and grandchildren for them to enjoy and remember you by.
     Think about matching details in your outfit to your jewelry.  By that I mean look at the pattern or buttons or pockets and duplicate them inyour jewelry.  If you have a camisole with a lacy top border you might wear a vintage gold bracelet that has a lacy motif etched in it.   Try pairing a circle op art patterned top with hoop earrings and a watch that has a round face.  These simple pattern or theme duplications make an outfit more pleasing to the eye because of a theme being repeated.

     One last thing…be certain to scale your jewlry and patterns in your clothing to your bone structure.  If you are petite you must keep your jewelry and patterns in proportion to your body or your jewelry will wear you.  The same things applies to large-boned women.  If you wear jewelry and patterns that are too small for your proportions they will get lost and not add appeal and distinction to your outfit.
     It takes some practice but you will find so many great new ideas in what you already own.   It will be like going shopping in your own home.   The prices can’t be beat at 100% off!

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caring for you,

Carin g Hansen

More choices with accessories

    You can change-up any outfit with different shoes.  Try wearing something sporty with a wedge heeled shoe.  Or wear a filmy blouse and camisole with a round-toed flat.  Add some spice to a simple outfit with a pair of strappy sandals, if appropriate.  Make the same simple outfit more sporty with earthy sandals or round-toed flats.
     Although it is always more practical to purchase shoes in neutrals there are currently many great buys on shoes of all colors, shades and tones.  Go a little wild!  Find a pair of shoes in a color you like and a style you are comfortable with.  Throw on your favorite top and walking shorts.  Then add some
jewelry or a light jacket in the same color as the shoes and you have mastered the mix…mix…mix concept!

It’s easy, inexpensive and so FUN!
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen

the little things

    Belts, shoes and accessories can provide the third color when putting together new outfits.  These items also help pull different styled pieces together and maximize your natural beauty. Belts are all the rage right now and they are a wonderful way to change the look of an outfit or create a new look.  

    Every woman can wear belts.  Choose a low-slung wide belt if you have narrow or straight hips.   Low slung narrow belts work better for those who have wider or curvier hips.   If you have great waist definition wear belts of any width at your waist proudly. Do not spend much money on belts.  What is in vogue any given season may be completely out next season.   So, buy a couple in this season’s trendy styles and colors.   If they are still in vogue next season…what a bonus!

 caring about you,
Carin g Hansen

a new week…a new you!

    It’s Monday morning and you can’t seem to find a thing to wear.  It’s the end of the summer…you are tired to your summer outfits, but it is still too warm to beginning pulling out the cooler weather  garments.    

     This is the time to get creative!   Try putting some individual pieces together that you haven’t before.  

     Mix, mix mix…you can do it successfully with just a little effort.  Try doing things in “threes”.  Three solid colors, or two solids and a print that pull the solid colors together.  You can even do a solid and two prints but make certain the prints have either colors in common or the style of print (geometric, floral, polka dots, etc.).  Generally it is best not to put the two prints right next to each other – but feel free to experiment.

     Take an hour this evening and HAVE FUN!  I challenge you to find five new outfits in your closet.

caring about you,
Carin g Hansen

Why Organic Part II

    Reading the ingredient list on organic skin care products and organic makeup can be like selecting from a menu of wonderful, mouth watering fruits, vegetables and edible flowers at your local restaurant.  When storing these products you should treat them as you would fresh produce.  Keep them in either a cool dark place or refrigerator  to extend their life.  If you notice a product has an odd smell you should discard it.  However, if it simply separates leaving oils sitting on top you can stir it up with a plastic spoon and feel completely confident using it.

    For convenience you can just keep it in the cupboard with the rest of your personal products, but be aware that if you have a product that you are not using regularly, it may spoil before you reach the bottom of the jar.

    If you experience any kind of an adverse reaction to an organic skin care product or makeup you should immediately discontinue use just like a non-organic product.  Even though a product is organic you can still experience an allergic reaction to one or more ingredients in the formula. 

    There are great certified organic lines available.  They range in cost from moderate to expensive depending how exotic the ingredients are.

Why Should I Go Organic?

  Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it needs to be fed good food just like all the internal organs of your body.  Years ago I had a doctor put me on the “Stone-Age Diet”.  It was a diet where I was to eat everything as close to its original form as possible.   Of course it included lots of fresh fruits and vegetables – but when it came to cooked food I was to boil, bake and grill versus fry or cover with rich sauces.   The idea behind the diet was to help my body heal by making digestion easier. 

  The same thing applies to your skin.  If you have overly dry, extremely oily or dull lifeless skin you need to feed it with products that are easy to “digest”.  By using organic skin care products and makeup your skin is receiving essential oils, vitamins and minerals without having to work through added ingredients like artificial fragrances or colors and preservatives.

  If you are fortunate enough to have wonderful healthy skin using organic skin care  products and makeup will keep it that way.

  Either way you are a winner! 

  …more on this tomorrow.
  caring about you
  Carin g Hansen

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