All the Colors of the Rainbow

makeup-geek-glamorous-swatch-217x300Summer fashions are immersed in COLOR!  Everywhere you look there are mouth-watering shades of cotton candy pinks, frosty sorbet lavenders, creamsicle oranges and many more.  They evoke a carefree, sweet atmosphere in the midst of an anxious world.

To boost their “color power” this season’s makeup should be just as luscious.  Come with me and take a stroll along Rainbow Lane.  We will start with what products are available and how they work best.  Then we will move on and take a moment looking at techniques and tips for applying these delicious products.  Finally, we will complete our stroll with a spiritual application of color.  Here we go!

It’s all about sheer, glossy and natural color…the more transparent the color, the more summery the look.  Try…

  • stains, bronzers or tinted moisturizers
  • sheer liquid or gel stick blushers
  • light, sheer color eye shadows
  • ultra slick lip-glosses and stains

Limit YOUR rainbow by choosing just a couple of colors.

  • purples, pinks and reds are universally flattering
  • oranges and yellows look best on olive complexions
  • pastels are the best choice on light skin – except pastel blue on blondes
  • try matching the flecks of color in the iris of your eyes for eye shadow shades

With any given outfit highlight only one feature

  • gorgeous eyes
  • healthy glowing cheeks
  • plump shapely lips

Use contrast

  • with bright colored clothing choose a subtler shade of the same color…or try a contrasting bright shade
  • with pastel outfits choose makeup with more vibrant color
  • use the colors in a print to help determine makeup shades; choose only one or two

Five Great Tips

  1. For an instant “teeth whitener” apply a blue-based pink lip-gloss – the bluish tint will reflect onto your teeth making them look whiter.
  2. To help soften and diminish facial lines stay with lighter, less vivid shades
  3. To intensify eye shape and add impact to small eyes, try a dark colored powder liner    along the upper lash line
  4. To make the whites of your eyes appear whiter and brighter use navy eyeliner
  5. Keep your makeup fresh and safe with these “expiration date” facts
    3 months – Mascara
    6 months – Foundation, lipstick, liquid blush and liquid eye shadow
    3 years – Powder blush and powder eye shadows

Daytime application of your makeup should be with a very light hand.  Remember we are going for summery, sheer and natural.  Nighttime and formal occasion application can be a little heavier.  However, remember to highlight only one feature at a time.

Picture, if you would, the all colors in a rainbow as I conclude with these thoughts.  One of the wonderful attributes of God is goodness.  Did you know that generosity is a synonym for goodness?  Think of it!  God could have given us simply red, blue and yellow.  Instead we have burgundy to salmon, periwinkle to teal, banana to chartreuse…and on it goes!  Breathe in all the wonderful colors we are so generously blessed with.  Now go have some fun and be a little daring…enjoy!


Where Do I Go?

     I promised on Monday that I would talk about another great natural skin care product line in addition to breast cancer awareness products, so here goes.

     Lily Organics made in Henderson Colorado offer simple, effective natural skin care products from cleansers to toners, to moisturizers, to masks.  Additionally, they offer Moisture Mist and a great facial oil called Kukui.  These products are great for anyone journeying through cancer because of their natural, organic ingredients.   You can find a great collection of Lily Organics products we have named the Cancer Care Collection at

     The first, and I feel the most important source for breast cancer awareness products, is information from such sites as, and   These sites along with Dr Susan Love’s Breast Book offer comprehensive information for those journeying through cancer along with other breast cancer awareness products.

     Newspapers, CURE magazine and other articles such as some of those on my site have lots of information available on how to detect breast cancer early, self- examination techniques and where to go if you think you may have a problem.   There are water-proof cards you can put in your shower walking you through each step of a self-exam.  Please remember that the best exams are done laying down but use the cards as a reminder to check yourself regularly.  Try to do your self-exams at the same time each month.   It you are still menstrating, do your exams one week after your period ends.  If you are no longer menstrating you may do it at any time of the month but be consistent. 
     Breast cancer awareness products are readily available.  Please take advantage of what is available to you and you may save our life or the life of someone you love. 

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen

Where Do I Go?

     There are many kinds of cancer affecting friends, family and us everyday.  For some reason, however, there is more emphasis in terms of information, discussion and “glory” (if I may use that word) put on breast cancer.  Additionally, in my contacts with women journeying through cancers other than breast that they feel a sort of prejudice exists favoring those women who have had breast cancer versus other cancers. 
     It is for that reason that I generally do not write just about breast cancer in my blogs, articles and website.  I feel this week  that I should focus in on, breast cancer support as it relates to natural skin care products and natural beauty in terms of breast cancer products and breast cancer awareness products.   I am a breast cancer survivor, therefore I am more versed in the needs of women with that particular cancer.  However, please know that a great deal of what I share regarding beauty during cancer addresses issues all women with any kind of cancer may face.   My e-book, Beauty During the Cancer Journey, covers special concerns that arise from procedures such as a colostomy, urostomy and skin conditions that are very common to all women during their cancer journey.
     Natural skin care products are a huge plus for women with breast cancer to purchase and use.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  The first is that, as with all kinds of cancer, our bodies are going through enough already as it relates to having toxins such as chemotherapy and radiation.  We can help our bodies heal better by not subjecting them to anymore chemicals than necessary.  Natural skin care products are a respite for our skin.  Secondly, because our cancer affects the breast area it is important to be protecting and moisturizing with products that will not irritate or cause adverse skin reactions.
      Aguacate & Co. offers such a line.  They are not only natural skin care products, but also certified organic.  Aguacate is Spanish for avocado.  Aguacate & Co. use avocado’s in their products because of their vitamin A, B, D and E content along with lots of potassium.  The oil in avocado’s penetrate the skin evenly offering great moisturize and  replenishment to dry, tired skin.  

      Check back on Thursday for information on another superior line of natural skin care products along with some information on breast cancer awareness products. 
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen

Thoughts from the Heart

     I wanted to share this interesting information from  I believe you will find it in line with what I wrote in my last blog about cancer facts and organic health and organic beauty products

     “Queensland Mum Narelle C. looks set to start a revolution – not only in the natural beauty product, skin care and cosmetic industry – but in the Certified Organic industry and the Network Marketing fraternity too! Her search for truly natural non toxic skin care and cosmetic products began almost a decade ago after finding through her own extensive research, many of the so-called “natural” and “safe” synthetic chemical ingredients were actually toxic and potentially very dangerous to the long term health of anyone who had used them continuously on their skin for many years. It is very important for Women’s Health because if you are a woman you will generally use more “products” on your skin then men and therefore you will increase your exposure to these chemicals.”

     What I want to stress here is the fact that women are potentially more susceptible to breaking down their immune systems because they use more things on their skin  than men.  This variable along with the added factor of hormone-induced cancer make women whose immune systems are compromised by toxic foods and products a prime target for cancer. 
      Please consider starting a diet containing more organic foods in addition to purchasing organic beauty products.  You are the ony one who can take control of how you treat your body – so do it for you…now!

caring for you,
Carin g Hansen