Menopause and Cancer

     Hello.  I wanted to chat this week about menopause and what it can mean to cancer victors Remember…I call survivors “victors” because we did not just get through our cancer journey – we were victorious in gaining strength, faith and hope as a result of our journey.

     If you are a victor of a hormone-based cancer such as breast, ovarian, uterine or cervical AND have started down the menopausal path…you know the challenges that you may face.  Tumors that are estrogen, or progesterone, or estrogen and progesterone positive deter us from taking any kind of hormone replacement therapy or natural products that might stimulate hormone production. 
    That scenario is where I find myself and, like you, I identify with the extreme hot flashes, night sweats and panic attacks that proceed a hot flash that feel like you are having a heart attack.  It has been two years for me and there are times when I just sit down and cry telling God I simply cannot do this anymore. 

     Thankfully, I have found a couple of great helps for this season in my life and want to share them with you.  Please check back Thursday for these helps. 
     For the rest of today’s blog I just want to encourage you to make natural health choices and use natural products including natural skin care products as much as possible.  By keeping the ingredients in your  health and beauty products natural and or organic you are simplifying what your body must deal with – and that is something your body will thank you for.   Also, take advantage of newsletters and articles that offer cancer facts, breast cancer support and natural health information.

…till Thursday,
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen