My Word for the Year

I was looking at different study plans and Bible study themes on my YouVersion phone app a few weeks ago and ran across a challenge that I would like to share with you.

The challenge was to choose a word and focus on that word for all of 2016. Now I am being completely transparent with you when I say that the word I thought would be “my word” was “JOY”. I have struggled with joy in these past couple of years through elderly parents illness, the subsequent death of my mother, ongoing care and health issues with myself and my father..and on the list goes.

However, just a split moment following that thought, a very odd word came to mind. So odd, that I knew it had to be the Holy Spirit. I would never have thought of it on my own, nor even contemplated it.


…see what I mean about odd?! Yet in these short few weeks I have fallen in love with this word and what it can and should mean to me. I have begun studying posturography, the center of balance and the center of gravity, in an effort to truly understand this word from a non-spiritual viewpoint, so that I can understand it fully from a spiritual viewpoint.

What happens when our posture is bad for many years? Our spines get “stuck” in that bad posture and it begins affecting every part of our body. (As I wrote that last sentence I found myself sitting up a bit straighter!)

Posturography is “a general term that covers all the techniques used to quantify postural control in upright stance in either static or dynamic conditions”. In other words, it is the assessment of posture and how posture affects the central nervous system.

For twenty years I have been teaching women about how posture is an indicator of self-value in addition to teaching proper posture for runway modeling. I have  taught the pelvic tilt, saying “your spine needs to supported by your pelvis/legs to have strength and stamina for physical activities…be it walking a runway in heels or skiing down a snow-covered slope”.

Are you beginning to see the spiritual tie-in?  Our spiritual “spine” must be supported by God’s Word, prayer and fellowship or our spiritual “posture” gets bad. Without our center of balance being God, and God alone, this bad posture will affect every part of our spiritual being.

In addition we must rely on God for ongoing reposturing so that we are not only protected against bad posture, but so we don’t find ourselves losing our center of balance leaning to much to the right, the left, backwards or forwards. This can happen if we don’t stay focused on Biblical truth but rather allow ourselves to be “…tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.” Eph 4:14 – ESV

I have been so encouraged and strengthened already as I continue praying about what this word should mean to me each moment of every day…and for all of 2016. What will this reposturing mean to those around me …my husband, children, grandson and friends? When midnight strikes and 2017 begins, I trust my life will have changed because of how I have let God work to reposture me spiritually.

…I would challenge you to focus on this word with me, OR another word God lays on your heart this entire year. No matter the word, we will all have better spiritual “spine” health and hence better spiritual “posture”!