The Sacred and Supernatural

A few weeks ago I was reading a devotional article about John 21:3.  In it, the author wrote:  “There was nothing wrong with Peter, Jesus’ disciple, needing to fish.  It was his occupation.  We all have things we need to do each day.  Whether we are a boss, an employee, a student, a mother or father, Jesus wants to be there.  We often differentiate the secular from the sacred and the natural from the supernatural.  This story highlights that all is sacred and all is supernatural.  Jesus just needs to be invited into each situation.”

These few sentences totally captured my attention.  As the writer and teacher of Sacred Identity, a study that teaches Christian women about their inward and outward beauty, I was intrigued and immediately challenged to get a better grasp on what this looks like – flesh it out.

I have never journaled on a regular basis but I went and found a beautiful pink leather journal a co-worker gave me for Christmas and on one side of the page wrote “Sacred” and on the other side “Supernatural”.  I made a promise to myself that for at least a month I would find something sacred and something supernatural in every day and journal it.

What an incredible experience and blessing this has already been to me.  I am seeing that all IS sacred and all IS supernatural.  Somedays I have a hard time deciding which of my two experiences to write on which side.   And, even more exciting is the fact that I am never at a loss for what to write.  I have invited Jesus to be in each situation – and I am seeing things differently than before.

Take for instance what I experienced during one of my morning walks last week.  As I was walking I was suddenly aware of the light breeze moving through my fingers as my arms swung at my sides.  It was somewhat of a surprise I admit, and this caught my attention – so I questioned inwardly why it was a surprise.  I realized that this was one of the first mornings since late last fall that I had been able to go walking in our beautiful Colorado foothills without gloves.  I had become unacustomed to feeling this.  But, instead of just being delighted by the reality that spring is arriving – I was struck by the fact that the little breeze was God’s wind.  God, who made the earth, the wind and the fire!  That shouldn’t sound hokey…it should cause awe and sweet worship!  Man can only take the air God made and move it around to create breezes.  God makes wind!

book-journal-03 (1)


What an exciting journey I am on – and, I already know I will continue journaling the sacred and supernatural things in my life each day long past the end of this month.  Would you join with me and take the challenge to find something sacred and something supernatural in every day?  I know it will give you new prospective, JOY and blessing!