A simple gesture

    Call me old-fashioned but growing up I was taught a simple gesture that needs to be taught again.
    There are seasons when the fashion’s are not particularly breast revealing. However, for the past several seasons this has not been the case.  Low cut revealing camisoles, tanks and tunics are all the rage.  You can still be stylish by putting another layer underneath, sewing the neckline up a bit on pieces that will work on,  or by shopping to find items that are cut just a bit higher  (trust me they are out there – you just have to hunt a bit).
    I talk to men and women alike everyday who are tired of the constant parade of “boobs”.  It is bad enough when they are standing up – but just wait until they lean over!   It seems that women and girls have forgotten what a “turn-on” the curves of the breast are to men…or they just don’t care.  In reality, you are not showing respect for men or to yourself when you “let it all hang out”;
    The gesture I  referred to above is to simply cover your chest with your hand when leaning over.  For girls in my generation that was second nature.  You leaned over – you put your hand on your chest.  It holds the clothes in against your body and/or uses your hand to cover bare skin. 
     So, next time you lean over in a revealing outfit – do yourself and everyone else around you a favor – place your hand against your chest.  It’s simple and effective!
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen

Modest Dressing

     As a quick refresher from Friday’s blog,  modesty is defined as: a special characteristic in dress, speech or conduct – not bold, or self-asserting: but instead being cautious not to offend.

     So, what are some ways we may offend with our dressing?  Well, first of all we need to always dresss appropriately for whatever the occasion may be. 
     For instance if you are headed to a wedding you must be cautious not to “out-do” the  bride.  Or  perhaps you are going into a business meeting where you are an integral part but not the CEO.  You need to dress professionally and tastefully making certain you do not call more attention to yourself than your role dictates. 
     However, the most important way we, as women, may offend with our dressing is when we do not show respect for the men around us.  Whether that be your husband, male friends, boy-friends, fellow workers or male bosses – modesty shows repect to men and men respond to respect.  Respect means to value, admire and show consideration for. 
     Unfortunately in today’s society women are not taught to show respect in either their actions or their fashion choices.  All men are wired to respond to a woman’s body.  That is how God created them so that mankind would pro-create and not become extinct.  However, as women we are not to push a man’s sexual buttons in public arenas or with men who are not our spouses.  
     Dressing mysteriously and sensually can be alright with men we are dating or engaged to.  Even then, though, we must be cautious not to offend.  Be sure you are respecting them.  You do not want to be responsible for making them respond to you in ways that are inappropriate. 
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen