Watching Each Step – That’s Walking in Grace

ThWalk-on-the-ICE1e weather has been unusually wet and icy in Colorado the last many weeks and I find myself struggling in the mornings to keep my footing as Sasha, our Australian Shepherd, and I take our daily walk.  I don’t have “shoe chains” like those in the picture…but my metal cleats that fit over my tennis shoes have been invaluable to me on many days.

It was during one of these treacherous morning walks, as I was studying each step carefully prior to putting my foot down, that I realized this is what God intends for us regarding walking in grace.  On the mornings I do not have to be cautious of ice, I can take each step quickly and rarely look down at what is right before me.  This is what makes a walk “exercise”.  These slow plodding walks afford me little cardio benefit.

…however, when it comes to our spiritual walk, I have begun to see the necessity to take each step carefully. I imagine that most everyone reading this post is basically just like me: living each day looking ahead several steps and not paying close attention to the step right in front of us.  What I mean, is that we lose the moments because of the hours and days filled with busyness and activity.  This busyness and activity might revolve around “good” things or, at the least necessary things – but, the fact still remains that we rarely live in the moment.

Grace shows up for us in the moment – not a second too soon or too late.  “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” –  II Corinthians 12:9a  Isn’t that exactly what we need?  To look at and study each moment to see God’s grace for us exactly when we need it, is like slowly studying where I put my feet when on ice.  Each step in life has the potential for being treacherous, and yet most of the time we bulldoze on trying to get ahead – “get some cardio workout” regarding our career, or our education, or a multitude of other things.  

On that particular morning’s walk, as this truth came to me, I found myself suddenly smiling…laughing; because God had revealed a great truth to me in the midst of acres of silver slick paths.   When I walk in the moment, looking for what God has for me in it – I find grace.  On the other-hand, when I run ahead – frantically thinking about all that has to be done – I get easily overwhelmed because grace didn’t make the run with me.  God doesn’t offer you grace for tomorrow, or even the next hour.  If he offered it in the future of what value would it be for the moment?  That would be like me saying to myself “I will put my metal cleats on after I slip several more times, and maybe fall and injure myself.”

God promises His grace is sufficient.  Do I believe that?  Do you believe that?  The way we begin believing in something is to take a step forward and see what happens.  Grace is metal cleats on bottoms of tennis shoes keeping us safe spiritually on this treacherous walk named LIFE.