Reposturing Body, Mind, Spirit

I am back to it! That odd word…REPOSTURING!

It just keeps coming back to me, and every time it does – I feel even more passionate about what it means and how much it relates to our lives in every way.

The Bible tells us that we are multi-dimensional, but unfortunately we often don’t act as if this is true. It seems the world has a better grasp on this, even if they are “off-balance” – so to speak.

This word has so captured me, that I began Googling to see what I could find on this subject. I didn’t expect to find anything with spiritual connotation, and I didn’t. However, I was fascinated and intrigued with a handbook about how to address the “mistakes” in our posture that are probably affecting our health. This handbook teaches how to reposture and therefore improve health. I purchased the book and have begun studying how every part of our body, from our muscles to our spines to our myofascia affects posture – good and bad. This is “reposturing – body”.

The mind, and reposturing go hand-in-hand. It has the duty of keeping us on task for our jobs, family responsibilities, social events, volunteer commitments, extended family obligations…and the list goes on. Proper sleep, nutrition, quiet times of relaxation and/or fun, and balanced hormones all play an important part in keeping the mind properly postured. If we are sleep deprived, or overly stressed we have poor “mind posture” and find ourselves needing to re-focus.

One of the ways the Bible counsels us to re-focus is to “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8). The Lord desires us to use each of our senses to maintain/return to good “mind posture”.
1. fresh, simple foods from the garden to satisfy our palettes, hunger and nutritional needs
2. beauty in botanicals, landscapes, oceans and mountains for our eyes to behold
3. fragrant odors to titillate our noses making us desire more
4. songbirds singing and crickets chirping are just two of the wonderful sounds that give pleasure to our ears.
5. soft skin of a newborn baby, velvety flower petals and a family pet’s furry neck to throw arms around bring comfort and joy when we touch them.
This spa for the senses is available to us all day everyday… and this is  “reposturing – mind”!

I have previously written a few posts about the spiritual aspect of reposturing, but it is important to look at again. Without good spiritual “posture” we cannot have spiritual health! Daily we slump, slouch, twist wrong, etc, spiritually speaking. The only way to get back to correct spiritual “posture” is to reposture; using the Bible as our guideline. The Bible tells us to meditate on the Lord day and night. Spending quiet, uninterrupted time praying, meditating on the attributes of God and reading scripture is “reposturing – spirit”.

It is my desire to always have correct posture as it relates to body, mind and spirit – but that isn’t ever going to be the case. LIFE causes misalignment – period! Reposturing of body, mind and spirit must be ongoing.

A friend I had tea with today shared Luke 2:52 with me as we discussed this subject:
“And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” – ESV  This speaks to Jesus’ mind, body and spirit AND it says all three of these increased! This verse should be a very important reminder that our bodies, minds and spirits are all important to God and thus in our humanness need to be repostured daily through the work of the Holy Spirit.




Running With or Against?


Often my sister and I find our conversations turn to the subject of her husband’s training as a marathon runner.  It was during one of these conversations that she made the comment “he is running like the wind”.

After I was off the phone with her I began thinking about my own life in respect to how I “run” it.   During my school years I was quite the runner.  I could beat most any boy on the elementary school playground.  I thought that was pretty cool since everyone knew boys had “cooties”.   I got more serious in Jr High and participated in track and field events.  But, I was never any good at long distance races.  I simply didn’t have the endurance.  As an adult I found out about fast twitch versus slow twitch muscles and finally understood why I could “run like the wind” but not for very long.  It is becuase I have fast twitch muscles (or at least I did…not sure as I get older just what muscle I have at all!)

The Holy Spirit is referred to as “wind” in many places in the Bible.    We also talk about moving as the Holy Spirit leads us.  I believe this could also be said as “moving where the Holy Spirits blows us”.

So, the question begs to be asked: Am I running with or against the Holy Spirit wind in my life?  If I am running like the wind because life is busy and there are so many commitments and responsibilites to attend to each day (my fast twitch muscle response to life in general) – am I going the direction the Holy Spirit is blowing me…or the opposite direction?  I am not asking whether being busy and attending to life’s constant tugs are, in themselves, running with or against the wind of  the Holy Spirit.  I can definitely be running like the wind AND running with the wind of the Holy Spirit.  Rather, I am asking, at this very moment…am I running with or against the Holy Spirit.

Culture tells me that it is ALL ABOUT ME.  But the truth is – it about what I am allowing the Holy Spirit to do in my life.

John 3:8 says: “Like the wind, spirit is invisible. A person cannot see it move or work. However, one can see the effect of what the Spirit does. One can see how it acts on things—just as the wind going through a tree full of leaves. One cannot see the wind, but everyone has seen how it makes the tree’s leaves and the branches sway. Some have perhaps witnessed a strong wind knock a nest out of a tree or rip leaves or branches off a tree, but not the wind itself. It is the same with the Spirit. The Spirit moves, and we then can see people react. The people do things. A work gets done. What we see is not the Spirit itself, but the Spirit’s fruit.”

If you are a runner you know how hard it is to run against a strong wind, and conversely how easy it is to run with a tailwind. You cannot see the wind, but it definitely affects you physically.

The same is true of  Holy Spirit wind.  Running with the wind of the Holy Spirit will give you momentum – not wear you out!  Are you fatigued, worn-out and discouraged.  May I challenge you to pray whether you might be running against the Holy Spirit wind?  I also invite you to comment on this post if you would like prayer…or you can fill out my contact page on to remain anonymous.

Run like the Wind and Run WITH the Wind of the Holy Spirit…it will be the greatest blessing you can experience!

The “Surgeon”

scalpelWe’ve all heard the analogy of God as the Great Physician. Let’s take a little different route and explore the analogy of The Holy Spirit being a surgeon.

When we need surgery on our physical bodies, the Doctor prepares us by telling us the problem, the procedure, the possible complications and the expected outcome he’s hoping for. We then place our trust in him to perform the procedure.

Then with our modern day technology we are anesthetized and when we wake up, the surgery is over. Pain can be lessened with pain-killers and so we begin to heal. However, no matter how skillful the surgeon is we have unsightly scars that last a lifetime. Many times the outcome is not what the doctors or you had hoped for…or planned on.

Spiritually speaking, when the Holy Spirit knows we need surgery, He too tells us the problem. Sometimes through prayer and Bible study; sometimes by other people’s witness. There are many avenues He uses.

If we truly desire His best for us, we agree to “surgery”. Often the procedure is long and painful. Unlike physical surgery, we are “awake” through all of it! Oh yes, He is gracious, gentle and loving, giving us peace and comfort, but we feel His spiritual scalpel intensely.

We often cry out in the middle of it “STOP”! I can’t take this, it’s too much to bear, and being the merciful God that He is, He does our bidding, leaving us with open wounds and diseased spirits that will need more surgery later on.

BUT, if we let His skilled hand finish the work and close the wound, the healing can begin. The Holy Spirit is never unsure of the outcome. He KNOWS what we will become once we have healed. Something even more wonderful is that the scars from Spiritual surgery will always leave you more beautiful than before. There is no disfiguring, no never!