A Poem: “HOPE”

imgresI found this poem in one of my newsletter I put out several years ago for women journeying through cancer and wanted to share it with you.
Hope is a candle in the night
Hope is a long respite
Hope is a feather…once lifted, it’ll only get higher
Hope is an oasis in a desert
Hope is a diamond in the dirt
                                Hope is everywhere yet hope is scarcely there
                                Hope is the dream of better days
                                Hope is the passion ablaze
                                Hope is beautiful
                                …and hope is tranquil
                                Hope is there for everyone
                                It is an asset that ALL has in abundance
                                       Copyrighted – Melvin T
The source of our HOPE is God and faith in Him.  May your week be filled with hope as you focus on the source of your hope.