One Purpose and Goal

I have long prayed that my actions and words would glorify God…but, in the last several weeks I have realized that this is not, or should not be, my one purpose and goal.  Not because it isn’t a noble and worthy calling but because it is unachievable.  My daily prayer was “Lord may I glorify YOU in all I say and do”.

However, the words to a song I have often sung should have now become my daily prayer: “In my life Lord be glorified, be glorified.  In my life Lord be glorified today.”  You see, glorifying God isn’t something I do, but rather something I am. Over and over these past few years and I get older, I am reminded that it is not about doing, but about being.  We are human beings, not human doings…as some say.

                                                               To emanate means to:
                                              show forth, flow out of, exude, emit, radiate

flower-lightIn other words, emanating God’s glory is not something I am capable of ever doing because I do not have within me the ability to DO anything that would show forth or emit something that belongs only to God.  I am His child – His daughter, chosen and sacred to HIm.  God’s glory lies within me.  And, since I have no glory of my own, then I can only BE emanating God’s glory.  The Westminster Catechism says, in part,  that “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.”  Unfortunately because I am such a type A personality I read that as “I need to do something, or say something everyday and all the time that will glorify God”.  But that isn’t what it says.  It simply says that my chief end, my only purpose, is to glorify God.  …Glorify God, because His glory is in me.

I know it may sound like nothing more than semantics – but please hear me on this.  If I think I can glorify God by any of my actions or words the emphasis is on “me doing”.  On the other hand if I understand that God’s glory lies within me simply because I am His child and so He is my heavenly father – I am like the rose in the photo above whose petals are being used as instruments to carry the light of His glory through.  I LOVE that difference!