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Let me welcome you to the new home for Inherent Beauty.

I am Carin Hansen, the author of and the co-author of  My co-author has had to step away from writing for a time and I felt it best to attach all the posts from Inherent Beauty to my “mother blog” Bridges to Beauty.

Formerly, this blog dealt primarily with health and beauty issues women face when journeying through cancer.  There were also many posts on image, faith and more.  (I would invite you to look at the different categories on the right side of the blog and check some of the posts out.  There is a lot of good information in them.)

Now, the majority of my writing that is dedicated to women and cancer is in my book “A Woman’s Cancer Journey Primer” and in articles that are published on  You can find these articles, and others articles on various subjects by following this link.

As I turn a page on this blog I am excited that to openly share about the inherent beauty we, as women of Faith, have.  That does not mean I won’t be blogging about fun, new fashion trends and such – but, the main thrust of Bridges to Beauty is to encourage Christian women to embrace their inward beauty, while making certain their outer beauty is not neglected.

May I invite you to join me on this adventure.  I know you will be glad you did.


Thoughts from the Heart

   This last week was a rough one for my family and I.   With all the influenza going around many people we know have been very ill.  However, our family had evaded it till now.  On Monday we received a call from our oldest son in Chicago.  He had spent about twelve hours in the hospital and was diagnosed with sinusitis, influenza and viral meningitis!  My goodness…a triple whammy!

    Thankfully he is feeling much better – but it has brought home to me once again the importance of organic health, natural products and organic products.  Most of you know that there is nothing western medicine can do with virus’.   They can treat bacteria with antibiotics, but virus’ do not respond to antibiotics.  The doctors simply suggest you rest, drink fluids and let the body heal.

    I am convinced that if you are taking antioxidants daily, eating organic food as much as possible and using organic products on your body these viral infections will be easier for the body to get rid of.  Each of these three things should make your body stronger to fight off illness and disease by allowing it to focus on the foreign antibodies instead of having to deal with both these foreign antibodies and internal toxins. 

    Cancer is known to have a direct correlation with how strong a person’s immune system is.  This cancer fact should make every person look closely at how to strengthen and/or keep their immune systems strong.   Thursday I will address this in detail. 

…till then,
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen

New Look and Feel

Hello…and Happy 2008 to each of you.   Beginning with my next blog I will be doing some things differently.  Although I can always find things I enjoy writing about I want to make the site more interesting by offering different things to you, my blog readers.  I am not certain just what all the changes will be…but stay tuned.

Bridges to Beauty is all about caring.  Specializing in caring for women presently journeying through cancer; I offer advice, supportcosmetics and skincare products and written information regarding health and beauty issues.  As a breast cancer survivor of over thirteen years I have faced many of the issues I write and speak about. 

Additionally, I have written information for women who simply want to look their best along with issues facing women of faith and young women who want to be stylish yet modest. 

You can have me speak at a local event, school or conference along with scheduling your own private phone or in home consultation.

I am here to care for you.  YOU are Bridges to Beauty’s only reason for existing.  Please contact me anytime.  My email address is  Or go to and click on the “contact us” page.
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen


     Race for the Cure was held yesterday here in Denver, so today I wanted to focus on responsible ways you can participate in finding a cure for breast cancer – AND ALL CANCER!
1.   Educate yourself on what is new on the scene in terms of treatments, cost, effectiveness and be certain to look at both conventional and non-conventional FDA approved treatment options. 
2.   Decide what treatments you believe would be good to give money to.  Then find out what hospitals, cancer centers and researchers are working on or performing these treatments.
3.  Make certain the organization you are giving to is in turn giving their money to these places…OR  send money to them directly.
4.  Make certain the organization is
responsible with their money if you do not choose to send money directly.  Some organizations spend nearly every penny given on marketing, staff and overhead expenses.  If you have questions about a particular organization contact them and as to see their fiscal reports. 
5.  Remember there are other important areas to give to as it relates to cancer.  Prevention, family-based support groups, health and beauty related groups and more.

You may not have been personally touched by cancer to date – but unfortunately the statistics are not in your favor.  You or someone you love is going to be diagnosed with cancer.  Make certain you are putting your money where you feel it will do the most good for you, for those you love and for everyone!
carin for you,
Carin g Hansen

Important Notice


   It has come to our attention that we are having some problems with ordering products or services from our website.  We are not certain where the problems are originating from at this time, however we are working with our administrator and technician to clear up the problems as quickly as possible. 

   Thank you for your patience. 
   In the meantime if you wish to order anything please feel free to email or phone in the order and we will contact you back to get your payment information.

    If you have never visited our website but have been enjoying my blogging please take a look TODAY!
caring for you,
Carin G Hansen / breast cancer survivor, writer, speaker and image coach