What is the Condition of Your Warp and the Color of Your Weft?

I am sure you are sitting there thinking, “The condition and color of my WHAT? …and why would…or should, I care…I thought this blog was about beauty?”

Yes, you are right. Inherent Beauty is about the beauty God has placed within each of us that shows outwardly. However, this is a great analogy to begin this blog with, because tapestries are not only beautiful – they are beautiful because of the process by which they are made…just like you and me.

Tapestries are made with different types of yarn that will be used for either the warp or the weft. The warp is the base yarn, which is strung vertically onto the loom. All warp ends must be attached to a rigid frame on the weaving loom or the weft yarns will not be able to be woven in properly. The weft, then, is woven into the warp horizontally. The warp yarn itself needs to be a perfect blend of texture, strength and resiliency. These qualities will insure that the weaving will go smoothly and that the tapestry will be of the finest quality when completed.

A good design always includes contrast, whether in color or shape. It is the most important principle in tapestry design because the opposition creates the tapestry’s dynamic beauty AND significance.

One person, called the overseer weaver, has the total responsibility for the work from its inception to completion. However there are generally several additional weavers that help with the process. The process is very slow with the average progress being only one to two square yards per month.

As with any piece of fine art when the tapestry is completed the overseer weaver will sign it. That signature demonstrates not only ownership, but also the courage to be known as the owner. It may also be titled in which case the overseer weaver chooses that title.

Each of us is an unfinished “tapestry”. As a newborn Christian woman you were placed onto a loom (just like the warp yarn). You are daily held in place by the spiritual laws and love of God. If you were not attached to His laws and love your tapestry could never withstand the weft yarn being inserted. The weft yarn is your environment. It is daily life circumstances from health or illness to prosperity or need. The colors of this environment are sometimes vibrant and full of life. Then there are times they are dull and seemingly insignificant. Still other times they are dark and dangerous. The weaver knows that although the weft yarn is soft, so as not to tear the warp yarn, it will not come apart in order to form the contrast so important to your beautiful tapestry. He diligently keeps at his work despite what seems, for the moment perhaps, “painful weaving”. It is imperative, at times like this, to remember what the Bible says in I Corinthians 10:13. This verse promises that God will not give you more than you can bear. Without this uncomfortable opposition the “dynamic beauty and significance” of your tapestry would never appear. God, the overseer weaver, is responsible for your tapestry’s progress and completion. However, He uses other people, both Christians and non-Christians, as weavers of your tapestry. Remember – they cannot do anything to your tapestry the God has not already designed! The progress may seem inordinately slow; however the overseer weaver knows it is progressing at exactly the right pace.

There are two very important distinctions between the human weaver and your divine weaver.

The first is that the human weaver waits until the tapestry is completed to decide if he wants to accept ownership by signing the piece. Your loving divine weaver signs His name to you when you are just the warp yarn stretched out on the loom. He knows that your tapestry is worthy of His signature from the beginning because with every weft yarn that is inserted His design is being woven perfectly.

Secondly, He also titles each of His tapestries – and that means YOU, and He titles you from your birth.

What do you suppose YOUR title might be? Here are a few to consider. “Yaweh’s Daughter” “Beautiful to God” “Beloved Child”

I invite you to share what you think your tapestry is titled. I know you will be blessed as you consider this and share it here. Here, let me start: “Carin g Hansen / Intricately Woven by God” (You do not have to include your name.)

If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior – I invite you to send Suzie and me a message. We would be overjoyed to show you how to know Jesus personally and let Him begin weaving your beautiful tapestry.