Menopause and Cancer

     I have had some wonderful medical providers in my life during the challenges of menopause.  They have been supportive, caring and innovative.

     Acupuncture can be an incredible treatment for the symptoms and effects of menopause.  I have found an acupuncturist who is thorough and always ready to listen to me knowing that I know my body better than anyone else.  My personal experience has been that, although acupunture does not alleviate all menopausal symptoms (it has for some, I know), it greatly reduces the severity of panic attacks and the depression that can accompany menopause.  I encourage you to try acupuncture and see what it might do for you.

     My gynocologist is constantly on the search for ways to treat and help her patients effectively and naturally.  Last fall during a routine visit we discussed the extremely severe symptoms I have suffered with menopause and she shared what the effects of low levels of iodine may have on menopausal symptoms.  She suggested I do an iodine-urine test to determine my level of iodine.  The results were that I was extremely deficient.  I went on potassium iodide and shortly saw some nice results.  Again, in my particular situation they were not glaringly great…however, any degree of improvement was much appreciated.  Check with your gynecologist or regular physician to see about testing your iodine level.  This may offer you some relief also.

     My mother shared an ad with me some months ago about a product called Femi-Yin.  At first, I was very skeptical because there has simply not been anything natural I could take since my five tumors were both estrogen and progesterone positive.  However, as I studied this product, asked my acupunturist, my gynecologist and an advisors at a Chinese herbal institute, I became confident that the herbs used in this formula offered a natural health product I could use.  The herbs used in the Femi-Yin formula help the luteinizing hormones and that has nothing to do with estrogen or progesterone.  Once again, I am happy to report that I have seen an improvement in the severity of my menopausal symptoms.  This product is sold by BioMed at, however, you can also google it to find other  company’s that carry it.   If you have any concerns about the product – do your own research. 

     I am not a physician and am only sharing what has helped me.  Please do not consider any of my writing medical advice.  I wish only to offer encouragement, compassion, insight and understanding.   Always check everything out for yourself and make wise decisions based on your team of medical professionals and your personal knowledge.   My hope is that one or all of these suggestions will be right for you and offer you R-E-L-I-E-F!
caring for you,
Carin g Hansen