Spiritual Dehydration

Today as I reflected on my life over the last few weeks, I realized that not only are we in the heat of summer here in Colorado, but I have also been in the heat of LIFE.  It is the kind of heat that exhausts, unmotivates, discourages and suffocates.

No matter the day on the calendar; winter, spring, summer of fall – the heat of LIFE can come on any day…and continue for a season.  I am not talking about the tragedies, injuries, illnesses and losses one experiences throughout life.  Even though each of us have personal experience with one or more of these – I want to focus on the normal, daily life regimens, duties, routines and responsibilities, because these can quickly “dehydrate” us spiritually.

When the heat of life’s “urgent” comes in unending waves it doesn’t take long for me to begin to dry up spiritually.  Oh no…my salvation and sanctification have not dried up.  God is not mad at me.  I am not sinning and feeling guilty about that sin.  However, I begin to just survive. Every day I feel a bit emptier emotionally, physically, socially and professionally.   In my busyness I sweat (literally and figuretively).  By figuretively, I mean that I sweat out the “water” that is essential to staying hydrated spiritually.  I am suffering from spiritual dehydration.

Even though I am writing this more for myself than any of you, but I believe this is a spiritual state most all of us can identify with.

Isaiah 41:18 says “I will open rivers on the bare heights, and fountains in the midst of the valleys. I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.” – ESV

How do I draw this water from the fountains, pools and springs?  Through quiet communion with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  During times of prayer….and it pours onto me when I am simply still and allow the Spirit of God to fill me.

Did you know that once you realize you are thirsty you are already on the way to dehydration?  …I thirst.  AnGlass of Waterd, I am thankful that I know I thirst.  That means that I will seek out this precious spiritual water. Just the image of this glass being filled with pure, refreshing water makes me physically thirsty from the day’s heat.  But, I am much more thirsty for the restorative water of the Spirit of God filling my life.

I must quit writing now because I am headed to grab my Bible, sit awhile and read and pray…and BE STILL while I am filled.