Thank You God for Breast Cancer

I will never forget the night before my first mastectomy. I was early October and the house was very quiet. As I sat in my favorite “God spot” – I was praying and contemplating what was about to happen. I think most everyone thinks they will go to the grave with all their body parts intact. It simply had never occurred that might not be the case for me. I began to quietly sob. What happened next is something I have a hard time explaining. As I quietly cried I felt arms wrap around me and heard the words, “You don’t have to cry, because I am right here beside you – but, you can cry it you want to”. I know it was God’s arms and His words saying He understood the “want to” of crying because of what I was going through humanly, but that I didn’t have to cry out of fear and discouragement. Of course, then I cried like a baby…a child of God who knew, like never before, that I was being taken care of.

You might ask why I didn’t pray for a miraculous healing. I did, during the weeks between diagnosis and surgery. I knew my Lord was completely capable of healing me and prayed to that end. However, I didn’t get a miraculous healing and I am thankful I didn’t. Do you think that an odd response? Possibly, but I know now that if I had experienced a miracle I would praise God for that experience always pointing to that time and place as where God met me. Without a miraculous healing I learned to see God in each step of my cancer journey and praised Him for every moment of every day He sustained me. I believe my faith grew unlike it would have had God instantaneously healed me.

I was healed enough by early November to begin grappling with doing chemotherapy. How could I knowingly “poison” my temple? Together, my husband and I decided to go forward with what the doctors were recommending, praying that we would know if and/or when the Lord told us to stop.

Following the second treatment, and just four days prior to Christmas, I began running a 105° fever. I was admitted to the critical care unit. Everyone knew I was infected with something, they just didn’t know what. As I lay in my hospital bed that first night, I felt completely helpless knowing I was too weak to even get myself out of bed and that I was at the mercy of the staff. Those of you who know me know what a “doer” I am. There was nothing I could “do”, making this the most difficult place to find myself. My feeble prayer was simply “please God protect me”.

Early the next morning the doctor told me that, although they still weren’t certain what I was infected with, they were certain I was allergic to chemotherapy. My spinal cord was shutting down. All my blood results were at critical stage putting me on the verge of death. At that moment I knew God had screamed “stop!” I could not and would not ever do chemotherapy again.

The following day the answer to what I was infected with came. Staph! Then it struck me – this infection named “staph” had saved my life. Had I not begun running a fever, indicative of the infection, I would have died quietly at home never knowing the death grip chemotherapy had on me. God saved my life with staph! Not something very many people can say…but, our God uses some pretty unconventional tactics, doesn’t He?

On Christmas morning I was released and able to spend the celebration of Jesus’ birth with my family. The story doesn’t end there, though. On New Year’s Eve day I was back in the hospital with an abscess. The infection was surgically removed and the wound left open to heal. As I belly-ached to a wonderful nurse friend, asking why God didn’t just clear up the staph with the intravenous drugs instead of needing surgery – she quietly explained that my route was the most effective way of getting completely rid of staph. Once again it was clear God was in complete control and I was the recipient of His blessings.

…and so, I began to heal.

“Thank you God for breast cancer”. Without it my faith would not be as strong; my life not as rich; and I would not have a passion to help someone everyday be ALL God made them to be. Anyone who says Christian’s use Jesus as their crutch doesn’t get that we, as followers of Jesus, are the only ones walking straight and tall while all the rest of the world walks with a limp. My faith is not a crutch – it was, and is, my source of strength, hope and daily joy through life’s valleys of the shadow of death.

I have much more story to tell, because it was eighteen years ago this month that I began sojourning cancer. I will share from time to time in posts, so check back often.


He Saw YOU!

Last evening I ran across a birthday card I had received from my son, Casie, several years ago. It always blessed me so…and last night did not disappoint. As I read it just prior to retiring for the night, I knew I had to share it with you. It is by Roy Lessin. I will share more about him at the end.

Once, before the foundation of the world, Jesus and His Father had a conversation about the great plan of redemption.

That conversation included you. Jesus looked down the corridors of time and knew that you would be born. He saw your needs when He said to His Father, “I will go”.

At the Father’s appointed time, Jesus came to earth so that you would never need to be far from Him. What an incredible journey He made; what an overwhelming expression of love He made; what an awesome purpose He had in mind. You were on His heart. When He left His home in heave, He was seeking you; when He stretched out His hands upon the cross, He was reaching out to you; when He returned to His Father, He was preparing a place of you.

You are the sheep He has come to shepherd, to guide, to feed, to protect, to shelter, and to carry.

You are the one He calls His own.
Roy Lessin came to know Jesus as his personal savior at the age of nineteen. He has been in ministry his entire adult life including mission work in Mexico and Puerto Rico. In 1971, Roy, and three other men started a Christian publishing company called Outreach Publications. After a year in business the company created a Christmas card with the message “When you get right down to it, Jesus is the only thing that matters”. That card was the beginning of DaySpring Cards. Today, Roy is an active Bible teachers and continues to be involved with DaySpring Cards, serving in various pastoral roles. One of those roles is writing a daily devotional online called “Meet Me in the Meadow”. Read these daily devotionals at:

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Let me welcome you to the new home for Inherent Beauty.

I am Carin Hansen, the author of and the co-author of  My co-author has had to step away from writing for a time and I felt it best to attach all the posts from Inherent Beauty to my “mother blog” Bridges to Beauty.

Formerly, this blog dealt primarily with health and beauty issues women face when journeying through cancer.  There were also many posts on image, faith and more.  (I would invite you to look at the different categories on the right side of the blog and check some of the posts out.  There is a lot of good information in them.)

Now, the majority of my writing that is dedicated to women and cancer is in my book “A Woman’s Cancer Journey Primer” and in articles that are published on  You can find these articles, and others articles on various subjects by following this link.

As I turn a page on this blog I am excited that to openly share about the inherent beauty we, as women of Faith, have.  That does not mean I won’t be blogging about fun, new fashion trends and such – but, the main thrust of Bridges to Beauty is to encourage Christian women to embrace their inward beauty, while making certain their outer beauty is not neglected.

May I invite you to join me on this adventure.  I know you will be glad you did.